DuMont Carré

Light lines trace the architecture of the DuMont Carré and stage it with contrasting light colours.
Neon lines draw the curved course of the ceiling of the DuMont Carré mall.
Neon lines draw the curved course of the ceiling of the DuMont Carré mall
Luminous ceilings suggest daylight incidence and invite passers-by to take a stroll

Indicators of entertainment and activity symbolize the light messages of our cities. In the heart of Cologne, the DuMont Carré is a diverse mixture of shopping, eating out, working and living. 

Coming from the pulsating metropolitan pedestrian zones, one curiously passes the entrance doors of the wide and elongated shopping malls. What might take place behind the well-proportioned and carefully detailed complex? 

Brilliant illuminated ceilings open up the mall ceilings like daylight and invite visitors into the spacious hall, which is not only ideal for strolling and eating, but also serves as an exciting setting for a wide variety of events. Here the visitor is welcomed by daylight sheds and a differentiated artificial light dramaturgy. At night, the building is self-confidently staged by contrasting light colours.

Our services in the field of lighting:
Design planning, implementation planning, site supervision for public areas UG, ground floor and upper floor, façade

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Prof. Coersmeier Köln

DuMont Carré
Breite Str. 80-90
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