Humboldt Villa

Lighting concept for the restaurant Kosmos in the Humboldt Villa Lüdenscheid / bright concepts
View from the terrace into the restaurant Kosmos of the Humboldt Villa Lüdenscheid / bright concepts
Historical Humboldt Villa in Lüdenscheid at night / bright concepts

In accordance with the wish of the owner and operator to equip the listed neo-Baroque factory owner villa with state-of-the-art technology, only luminaires with LED technology were used. The biggest challenge in this project was the accentuated, intimate table lighting in the conservatory. The exact light control by means of lens technology enables a light spot diameter of 70cm with an output of only 8 watts from a height of 7 metres. The DALI lighting control system can be operated from any location using a smartphone or tablet. The villa itself as well as the striking trees on the 6000 sqm park in the city centre of Lüdenscheid were accentuated as a stage.

Services by Martin Weiser for ERCO in the lighting trade:
Draft planning, implementation planning and site supervision for the interior and exterior.



Services from 
Conceptual design
Implementation planning
Object monitoring
Project involved: 

interior architect: Kitzig Interior Design

Humboldt Villa
Humboldtstraße 36
58511 Lüdenscheid